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Overlooking the ancient Saxon river crossing that gives the village of Ufford (Uffa’s Ford) its name, there’s been an inn here for at least 400 years and probably far longer. The earliest written reference to “The White Lyon” is from 1618, when it was sold by Francis Ballett (whose father has a skeleton brass in nearby St Mary’s Church) for the princely sum of £180.

The Lion changed hands many times over succeeding years, adding to its roster the trades of victualer (1844), butcher (1874) and even builder (1900) according to the needs of the times, while always retaining its crucial role as the village inn. So too in the modern era. Since acquiring the pub in 2003 owners Stephen and Gaynor have striven to retain the pub’s unspoilt character while ensuring food and hospitality are kept very much up to 21st century standards.

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