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Uffa brewery is located in the old coach house adjacent to the pub opened in May 2011. We brew all our our beers by hand, in small batches. All of our beers are avaliable on tap, and in bottles from the pub.


The selection of Uffa Ales

Longboat Logo


Longboat 4.7%

A light brown, hoppy ale, bursting with citrus and caramel flavours.


Raedwald's Tipple 3.7%

A bitter, golden pale ale with a crisp refreshing citrus flavour.


Golden Hoard 3.7%

A golden ale with a spicy taste and earthy



Brewery Talks

Join friends & visit the brewery with a talk from the Brewer, groups up to eight are more than welcome to visit by appointment, no charge & tastings are available please enquire.




Uffa Brewery Membership & Loyalty Card

Uffa brewery invites you to join like minded Real ale enthusiasts to participate in the following social events & gain the following benefits.

  1. Seasonal Uffa brewery tastings
  2. Two brewery tours & supper
  3. Annual visit to Muntons Malting's at Stowemarket
  4. Pin & Firkin purchase of Uffa ales at attractive rates.(Including chucks, ox stand, spiels, taps & glasses. Deposit for barrel & glasses will be required
  5. A complimentary bottle from any commemorative brew during your year of membership.
  6. A commemorative Uffa brewery pint glass.
  7. We will arrange a trip to the Ipswich beer festival. This year being held on Ipswich docks as part of Maritime Ipswich. 
  8. We will provide you with a Loyalty card giving you 20% discount on beer purchased from the Uffa Ales
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